Monday, September 28, 2009

Florence/ Volterra/ San Gimingiano/ Pisa

So, I'm not too good at keeping up clearly.... We have done so many things lately!
Florence.... We had a short trip to Florence (1 of 3 trips there) We climbed 414 stairs to the top of the bell tower and after the burning in my calves settled I got a chance to enjoy it. It was a phenomenal view over all of Florence! Going to the top was so worth it! We also went into the baptistery and the Duomo when we were there and they were all so beautiful! The shopping is CRAZY there! Leather everywhere.

Volterra: Unfortunatly there was no twilight sighting..... :( I was half hoping Edward would find me. But the trip wasn't a lost cause:
<---- We captured this precious moment! haha This is Mckelle and I. We are trying out for the new national geographics cover..... We went into the church and baptistry and an etruscan museum. They we're all great!

San Gimingiano: Definatley a favorite! The view from the top of the bell tower could take your breath away! We also went through the church and museum along with climbing the bell tower. One of the things San Gimingiano is known for their gelato. There's a gelateria there that has been awarded 4 years in a row as the best gelato/ice cream in the world! That's right, the WHOLE world and It won the title! It was phenominal! The fruit ones tasted exactly like frozen fruit! MMMMMM! So yummy!

Pisa: While Pisa is known all around the world for the leaning tower..... There are a total of 3 things to do in Pisa. The church, pretty cool, the baptistry, pretty cool, and climbing the tower, AWESOME!
BUT! we were finished with these 3 by 12 and had about 4 and a half hours before the train ride..... After hitting up an alamentari for an amazing panino! we quickly realized that there was only one thing to do besides shopping....
Take ridiculous pictures of yourself with the tower.... so thats what we did!

I did, however, find an adorable bag that was much needed! A great black purse!
Note to potential Italy bound travlers: Plan no more than 4 hours in Pisa for yourself....



  1. Hey Brooke, I just saw you updated this from facebook so I decided to come check it out. I really am jealous you are in Italy. I love the picture with the Pisa tower in your hand. Sweetness.

  2. FINALLY AN UPDATE!!! LOVED IT! Remember your sister is stuck in Idaho and needs some entertainment so give me some more frequent updates! Guess what I got a GYM membership today with an unlimited guess pass so when you get back will you be my GYM Buddy? LOVE YOU LOTS MISS YOU TONS!