Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Amalfi and Minori

Amalfi and Minori are so beautiful! They are small little beach towns on the coast of Southern Italy. We spent the few days there shopping and on the beach and it couldnt have been better! We stayed in Minori but to get to Amalfi you take a 10 minute boat ride. The view was AMAZING!

Meet Pablo.... Pablo worked on the boat that took us to Amalfi. I asked him to take a picture of some of us girls and after taking it, he wanted to be in one, following the picture he turns and says in some form of english "now find me on faccia book (facebook)" We died! As I was getting off the boat he said , "when you come back? I wait here." Remembering the advice of my mother (give Italian men the "face") I just laughed to myself and said Ciao! (we took a different boat back to Minori and I never saw Pablo again) hahaha. Oh Italian men sure are..... well, confident? Until next time

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