Monday, October 19, 2009

Unfortunate Events!

So My computer and I have a love hate relationship (it seems to hate me more than love me unfortunately) .... The charger melted itself so my computer is currently.... DEAD! Tears* Which means no updated pictures until I can figure out an alternative or ressurect it.....

Well This weekend we went to the Discoteca on Friday and Arezzo on Saturday.....

The Discoteca was quite the experience..... We went with a group of about 8 girls- I dont reccommend any less for obvious reasons. But we had a ton of fun. You have to be careful about how you respond to the guys! I have never been so forward in my life. I felt bad for being rude to some but if you arent they will bother you. (Being 5 foot 10 and blunt is also helpful because they know they cant get away with much if they want to leave with all of their body parts) We danced the night away. I was told by someone that he loves me and that I am his wifey..... (Do you know my name Sir? hmmm, I didnt think so! Please leave me alone. I want a divorce! haha) We did meet some nice guys and a russian guy named Marco that danced in our group and did a great job of keeping the creepers away! It was a ton of fun overall! Oh and if a guy grabs your hand either pull it away or he will spin you out of your group and try to dance with you.... I learned over all that Italian men really dont mind rejection.... (or they are really unintelligent and dont understand it when it smacks them in the face.... both possible)
We went to the Duomo and the home, turned muesum, of a famous Rennisance artist, We went to the church and also to the Museum. The Duomo had just had a wedding that morning so it had flowers all over and was very beautiful. The ceilings looked similar to the Sistine Chapel. My favorite thing of all in any museum and church is usually the ceilings. The designs are so amazing and intricate. They are unlike anything else! The home of the artist looked like a church with how the walls and ceiling were painted. I have been thinking that I should repaint our house just like these buildings here. I wonder if Mom and Dad will mind! Just Kidding! While they are beautiful and I really enjoy them I think it would be slightly tacky! One of my favorite things in Arezzo was the Piazza because it was the Piazza that Life is Beautiful was filmed in. So, naturally, as i walked into the Piazza I shouted BUONGIORNO PRINCIPESSA! It was a beautiful Piazza and I really enjoyed it. The other bonus about our trip was that it convinently fell on the weekend of the International Food Festival! YUM! They had everything from Salciche (sausage) to Goulosh, to Beer (Ireland of course) Food from all over! My favorite was the dried fruit... haha okay no the goulosh was DIVINE but I only had a sample. The dried pineapple was heaven..... I cant get enough!

I found a great pair of pig headphones (pictures to come soon hopefully) You cant understand the magnitude of their greatness until you see them!


Thursday- climbing the Torre (tower) that overlooks all of Siena in il Campo
Friday- Perugia for Europes best Chocolate Festival and potentially a Discotecca
Saturday- Florece for some leather shopping. Its about time to decide which one I want! Its too cold to wait any longer! Its been FREEZING HERE!

Ciao Tutti!

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  1. Brookie I love reading everything about your trip! This is such a great experience for you and it looks like you are taking complete advantage of this opportunity. Good for you!! Miss you tons. Love you. Keep writing!