Friday, June 26, 2009

Ace of Cakes.....

So much for blogging on a regular basis.... I get a big fat F in this department. Time is flying by and I am approximately 69 days away from moving to Italy. I am so antsy to go and can't wait for the experience. School has been keeping me very busy and I am ready to collapse from exhaustion, I am hanging in there though. School ends in about 4 weeks and then I have some time to relax and breath before I head off for the adventure of a lifetime. 3+ months traveling through Italy and becoming a art pondering, leather wearing, gelato eating, American girl wishing that she was Italian.... Thinking about it gets me through the stress of this semester.

So, a friend of mine is hosting a Bridal Shower tomorrow for a friend of ours and my assignment for the blessed event was.....
Her colors are Brown, Tan, and accents Copper. (Obviously...) Its a two tier Chocolate Cake with butter cream filling covered in Tan fondant.... The flowers are apple blossoms in copper royal icing, wild roses in beige royal icing and Full Roses in white Royal Icing and The letter J in royal icing and it stands for Jaqueline, the bride to be! It was so fun to put cake knowledge to the test and create this cake. There are a few things I would have done a little different, The colors I feel were the closest I could get to the actual wedding colors. I would have tried lighter colors for the flowers but I had a really good time and the very small perfectionist side of me comes out in full form. I felt bad for my roommates that had to put up with me while I made the flowers. In all, the cake probably took me around 15 hours total to make.... It is an expensive and time consuming talent to partake in. I love seeing my creations come all together and look like what I was invisioning. I'm not much of an artist so making cakes is my one claim to fame in that department.

This is my first fondant project I made back in October! Fondant is a personal favorite to decorate cakes bacause its fun to make and to use! I never would have thought I would be into baking and cooking but I love it. So much in fact that I have decided to cluster in it along with Home and Family management (Sewing basically) and I am still majoring in Communications (because talking is a favorite of mine and one of my skills if you didn't know.) I am turning into quite the "Molly".... Something no one ever whould have guessed! Well, that's enough for now! Hopefully I will keep up with this thing!


  1. I was just looking at your cake and Kennedy said, "I love that cake. It is so beautiful!" You did an awesome, awesome job! Thank heavens Brooke was there to not give up on your fondant! Did it taste good? :) Was your friend happy with it? Great job, oh and did I tell you...I found you a husband! NO JOKE!

  2. Oh, check out our blog too...