Wednesday, March 11, 2009

And so it begins.....

A little snip here and there, a tug up here...... After a much needed blog face lift (blog lift? blogoplasty? blog enhancment?) and some help from Ashley I think it is quite refreshing!

Well, my previous blogs have managed to disappear so here goes Issue 1 of my Blogozine. Currently I am home in Carlsbad working as a receptionist at a CPA's office. I am not much for numbers but I have learned so much about taxes and I actually really enjoy it much to my surprise. Life has been great at home and theres always a part of me that misses it when I am gone but I miss Idaho and all my friends so much.

So Issue 1 of my blogozine is going to be dissapointingly short. Unfortunately due to the timing but I will really try to keep up with it so when I am in Italy for the Fall I can keep every one updated regularly.



  1. Your blog is so cute Brookie! I like.

  2. WOO HOO, Your a BLOGGER! I love your page :) And I miss you tons and tons! Oh have you seen Taken?! If so make sure you don't talk to strangers in Italy! he he my advice for the day!

  3. i love your header and background! They look great! Check out my blog too . . .